8 office decorating wall decals ideas under 10$

  • Fact – Most of us are spending more time at the office than we do at home. Therefore, We want our workspace decorative to be pretty, attractive and showy, and if we may say – even stylish and cool! We all agree that a beautifully decorated office surely leaves a good impression on customers and more importantly – help motivate the staff in every workstation. While Putting up decoration pieces can be expensive and will ask for maintenance too, Here is an alternative way of thinking for office decorating ideas – Wall Decals! We assure you – They will totally upgrade your office space.

    If you think of the advantages, Wall decals look more chic and modern than traditional hanging pictures, they’re excellent solution for office decoration because they can be removed easily and you can change the design depending on your mood or professional needs. Therefore, We created a unique selection of workspace Wall Decals that can completely change the look and feel of an office room in just a few minutes of work and is very affordable. We are having this superb offer in which wall decals for office decoration are priced less than $10 and would love to share it with you!

    These selections are not just cost effective (Very) – they are easy to apply and, and best of all – leave no marks on the wall. If you are looking for office decorating ideas, these funky list of Wall Decals can be a great solution. So get inspired to create your dream office with our cool wall decals, Apply one of these decals and leave a creative mark of your own!


    1.     Wall Decal Apples

    Fashion your own Garden of Eden with these apples wall decals in your office. These 6 stickers are separated giving you the freedom to place them anywhere you want. You simply need to peel them and paste to get a decorative look.

    Available in 5 colors: Black, Bordeaux, Brown, Dark Gray and Gray.

    Wall Decal Apples
    Apple Wall Decals that can be placed in a free composition

    2.     Wall Decal Buddha

    You can create your personal shrine at your office with this Buddha wall decal which is available in various colors so that it goes with the overall theme of your office. This helps in creating a peaceful environment.

    Available in 1 color: Dark Gray

    Wall Decal Buddha
    Create your personal shrine at your office with this Buddha Wall Decal


    3.     Wall Decal African Figures

    These simple yet unique African figures will be great for decorating an office. These back vinyl stickers come in two separate decals so that you can paste each figure wherever you like. This can blend in with any theme and will look stylish.

    Available in 4 colors: Black, Bordeaux, Dark Gray and Gray.


    Wall Decal African Figures
    Wall Decal African Figures – Come in two separate decals

    4.     Wall Decal Beautiful Girl

    If you are looking for a funky designe Office Wall Deca so This giant funny girl vinyl sticker is a perfect solution. This decal will add some humor in a serious office environment, Will totally transpire your office space, and  help motivate you and the staff at your workstations.

    Available in 5 colors: Black, Bordeaux, Brown, Dark Gray and Gray.

    Wall Decal Beautiful Girl
    Giant girl Wall Decal – Perfect for plain color walls.


    5.     Wall Decal Birds on Wire

    This wall decal is simply beautiful. The open design of this decal allows the natural image to actually become a part of the work and It will add freshness to your work space . You can paste it above the window pane. You have the freedom to and you can place the birds in various positions on your walls. Looking at will help you reset your boring mood and will energize every space.

    Available in 2 colors:Bordeaux and pink.

    Wall Decal Birds On a Wire
    Wall Decal Birds On a Wire – Can paste it above the window pane

    6.     Wall Decal Radio Shake

    This silhouette unisex wall decal radio shake is Perfect for the music lovers. This huge headphone radio shake wall decal will add uniqueness and personality to your work space.

    Available in 2 colors: Bordeaux and Gray.

    Wall Decal Radio Shake
    Wall Decal Radio Shake – Perfect for the music lovers


    7.     Wall Decal Keep It Simple

    This simple vinyl typography wall decal saying “keep it simple” in office will keep you motivated to choose the right path in your business no matter how hard it is. Applying this decal in your office will remind you of the right approach to business (and life) 🙂

    Available in 3 colors: Black, Bordeaux and Gray.

    wall decal keep it simple
    Keep it simple…Be happy & keep others happy with this quote wall decal.



    8.    Wall Decal Retro Dumbbells 

    This retro dumbbells wall decal can be pasted in any fashion that bests suits your taste. Along with making your office looks brighter, these compositions will challenge your creativity too.

    Available in 2 colors: Brown and Light Pink Or Brown and Orange

    wall decal retro dumbbells
    Wall decal retro dumbbells


    So, Say Goodbye to your Boring Walls and use one of these office wall decals to upgrade your space! 


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