Unique baby shower gift ideas

  • Looking for a Baby shower gift ideas ?

    The tradition of celebrating baby shower has been in practice for hundreds of years in various countries. It is a way to celebrate the pending birth of the child. People show up with gifts and heartfelt wishes for the couple. They give their blessings to the couple and to their child which will soon be born. A gift at this occasion is considered as a warm gesture and a source of happiness.

    You can find so many gifts for the baby. Clothes, blankets, toys and much more. All these are expected to be given by almost everyone at the party. Don’t you want your gift to be unique and most amazing? If yes, then go for wall decal which will match with the entire decoration of the little angel’s room.

    See these CoolWallArt Wall Decals baby shower gift ideas Which Can Be Bought For a Baby Shower Gift.

    This is obvious that the parents will be working on a separate room for their unborn child. For that they want everything perfect. They want the room to look as lively and colorful as possible. Why not gift them something which will help them in this chore. Check out these wonderful wall decals  in this case.

    For Boys Room

    If it’s a boy then we have few really good wall decal designs.

    Tree O’ clock wall decal

    This cool wall art is simple yet funky. A branched tree with no leaves on it rests in the centre. On it an owl is sitting and the clock is embedded in the trunk. The box which comes along with this decal consists of clock mechanism, instructions and plastic squeezer. This can light up the entire room with its three bright colors.

    Wall decal Tree clock

    Penguin wall decals

    The desired space can be decorated with this sticker showing two adorable penguins along with snow in pink, purple, green or light blue.

    kids wall decal penguins

    Kids Wall Decal Noah Boat

    The fantasies of your friends kids will surely come into reality by having these colorful stickers. Kids may sail with Noah and other animals on his boat with this wonderful composition.

    Wall Decal Noah’s Ark Red

    Kids Wall Decal Bubble Boy

    These giant Bubble Boy wall stickers are so cute and can easily fit a baby boy’s room and they are available in different colors.


    kids wall decal bubble boy fuchsia

    For Girls Room

    If the couple is going to be blessed with a beautiful fairy, then gift them something really cute and girly which will make them go “awww”.

    Dancers with skirts wall decal

    Help them enhance their little girl’s room with this decal which features four cute pink ballet dancers showing different dancing positions. This will give the girl a sense of imagination too.

    Wall decal Dancers with skirts

    Wall decal magic fairies

    These stickers will create a fun and magical environment in the room. The fairy shaped stickers will make the girl fantasize and she will surely love it. And when the baby will be happy, parents will be happy too.

    Wall Decal Magic Fairies

    For Unisex

    So the couple is expecting twins, a boy and a girl? You want to buy something which is appropriate for both. You can purchase a wall decal which goes for both and is in your budget too.

    Giraffe wall decal

    This will create a magical jungle scene in the babies’ room. A tall giraffe and a few smiling clouds will make the room look prettier. This can convey a friendly message too of aiming high or something which the kids will understand.

    Wall decal giraffe in the sky

    Wall decal owls

    This owl and flowers vinyl sticker creates an imaginative scene in a child’s brain. It is available in two colors and both are perfect for both genders. This will make the kid’s room a kingdom of creativity and joy.

    kids wall decal owls on branchs


    Forest Kids Wall Decal

    This Wall decal will Make any room looks like a small forest from the legend.

    My Little Forest Kids Wall Decal

    Kids Wall Border Ducks

    Placing these stickers with the images of ducks could surely allow you to create an imaginative environment for the nursery of your friends child.

    These 11 options for the wall decal are a superb gift for baby shower. Be the different one this time and present something cute and useful to the couple on this memorable occasion.

    Kids Wall Border Zoo



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