Using and Applying Custom Decals, Stickers, and Labels


    Decal, Sticker, and Label Printing

    While there are standard designs on decals, stickers, and labels you can buy in various stores, you can have your own custom design printed as well, although minimum quantities may apply. There are many printers that offer custom printing of graphic decals, and they are able to make different sizes and shapes with the use of a vinyl plotter or die cutting.

    Printing your graphic designs on the adhesive vinyl material is simple. If you have a digital printer or a screen printing setup, you can either do it by yourself or have a professional decal maker do it for you. Applying decals, especially large format decals, can be difficult to install correctly. However, in the articles in this post, you will be able to find articles on how to install, remove, and maintain your printed decals, stickers, and labels. There are also discussions on proper usage, printing, online purchasing, and frequently asked questions.

    Applying and Installing Custom Decals, Stickers, and Vinyl Lettering

    You can apply custom stickers, decals, or lettering on walls, trucks, machinery, equipment, or other vehicles. These applications, of course, are not limited to those that were mentioned above. In the following articles, you will be able to learn how to properly apply adhesive graphic stickers, decals, and lettering:

    Applying Vinyl Decals on Car Window, Boats, & Before Car Waxing

    Correct Installation, Care, and Removal of Car and Truck Decals

    How To Install Hood Decals Onto Your Car

    Keeping Wall Decals Stuck to the wall and Washing Clothes with Stickers

    Magnetic Vehicle Door Decals and Signs – Proper Care and Feeding

    Putting Decals on Tinted Windows, & Removing from Laptops/Metal Buckets

    Selecting Decal Sizes and Installing Wall Decals

    Surfaces For Vinyl Wall Graphics, and Uses of Decals

    The Best Time to Apply Window and Hood Car Decals

    Using Decals on Painted Wood/Walls, Taking Them off Paper Backing

    Waxing Your Car Before/After Decal Application-Personalized Stickers

    When to Apply Wall Decals on Painted Walls, Reusing Dali Decals

    Will Cut Decals Work on Textured Walls, and How to Make Decals

    Reusing and Removing Decals and Stickers

    Removing decals and stickers is not as hard as you might think it is. However, there are certain types of decals that are removable or repositionable, and some that will stretch or tear on removal, and some will leave glue residue. The following posts will be able to inform you of what types of stickers are available, how to remove decals, and how to remove unwanted glue that could remain after you’ve removed a decal or label.

    Are Vinyl Graphics Removable? Surfaces Lettering Won’t Stick To

    Questions About Placing and Removing Stickers – Decals

    Removing and Reusing Wall Decals, and How Long they Last

    Removing Car Decals & Putting Stickers on Tinted Windows

    Removing Reflective Stickers Off License Plates, & Car Decals on Defroster Lines

    Removing Residual Glue from Stickers – Keeping Decals Sticky

    Removing Vinyl Letters and Decals Off Vehicles

    Removing Wall Decals Without Destroying Your Walls

    Removing Window Stickers Off a New Car, and Buying Boat Decals

    Reusing Vinyl Lettering, and Why Put on Wall Stickers

    Taking Decals Off Football Helmets and Removable Stickers

    Top Reasons Why You’re Better Off with Removable Decals and Stickers

    Discussions on Frequently Asked Questions

    Being in the decal printing business, I often get questions from clients regarding various issues and concerns on how to use their newly printed custom decals and stickers. I have addressed the various questions asked in the following articles: 

    Are Emission Inspection Stickers a Requirement for All Vehicles?

    Background/Foreground Contrast of Window Stickers, Plus Decals for Brushed Metals

    Can Decals Ruin Car Paint, Stickers on Shirts, and Vinyl Durability

    Car Decals – Window Defrosters, Tints, & Weather Resistance

    Clings and Stickers Differences, Cleaning and Storing Wall Decals

    Getting Rid Of Air Bubbles Under Vinyl Window Stickers & Decals

    How to Prevent Car Window and Bumper Stickers from Tearing Off

    Advertising with Decals, Stickers, and Labels

    Aside from personal usage of stickers to show your support for your favorite sports team or presidential candidate or to brag about your child being an honor student, you can use labels, stickers, and decals as advertising media. These are great promotional tools for your business or product as they build brand recognition and are, except for the small initial cost, free advertising. Read through the articles below and find out how you can utilize these printed graphics to advertise your products and services.

    3d Floor Graphics­ – The Innovative Trend in Advertising

    3D Flooring Advertising Graphics, Decals, Stickers, and Labels

    Car Advertising Decals & Stickers – Right Product for Your Market

    Custom Magnets Ensure Your Business Gets Noticed

    Decal Car Stickers for your Business, Organization, or Club

    Design Your Truck Decals to Define Your Business Vehicles

    Floor Graphics Decals and Stickers – Perfect for Advertising

    Helmet Stickers Increase Your Organization’s Exposure

    How Auto Dealer Stickers Help You Advertise Around the City

    How Custom Labels Can Help a Business Grow

    Pull Everyone’s Interest With Magnetic Signs

    Reflective Decals and Stickers – Advertising After Dark

    Security Alarm Decals, Stickers, or Signs for Your Home/Business

    Stylish Print Advertising with Truck Decals

    The Many Uses of Aluminum Tags in Business

    Vinyl Stickers, Magnets and Decals for Business

    Uses and Applications of Labels, Decals, and Stickers

    The usage and applications of labels, decals, or stickers is virtually limitless. You can use them in whatever way you want. Let me show you how to expand your imagination as to your options for getting the most of these colorful printed decal displays.

    A Way You Can Express Yourself – Car Decals

    How to Effectively Utilize Window Decals

    How You Can Make Use of Aluminum Tags

    Making The Best Out Of Refrigerator Magnets

    Maximizing the Use of Auto Dealer Stickers

    The Myriad Applications of Vinyl Decals

    The Need for Car Window Stickers, Labels, and Decals

    The Obvious Usage of Color Decals

    The Relevance of Parking Permit Tags

    The Value of Vinyl Decals

    What Makes Parking Permit Tags Valuable

    Window Decals Serve A Variety of Purposes

    Full Color Sticker, Decal, and Label Printing

    If you have the printer and the blank vinyl decal material, you could print your own stickers. Digital printers make it easier for sticker makers to reproduce full color prints of decals that are visually attractive. Read how sticker, decal, and label printing works:

    Full Color Printing of Vinyl Decal Stickers for Small Businesses

    Label Sticker Printing or Short Run Sticker Label Printing

    Making Color Decals Informative and More than Just Fun

    Professional Printing of Custom Vinyl Decals and Stickers

    Roll Labels (or Stickers by the Roll) – Label and Sticker Printer

    Taking Advantage of Sticker Printing for Graphic Applications

    The Basics of Sticker Printing 101

    Vinyl Decal Printing For Advertising – Best Custom Decal

    Xbox Controller & Sports Logo Stickers, & Label Printing with an Inkjet

    Purchasing Vinyl Stickers and Decals Online

    There’s always a risk when purchasing vinyl stickers and decals online. If you’re not careful, you might get ripped off. Let me help you find reputable decal printing companies online:

    How To Be Smart In Purchasing Helmet Stickers

    Printing On and Purchasing Vinyl Stickers for Advertising

    Purchasing Auto Dealer Decals for Your Car Dealership

    Purchasing Custom Clear Decals or Transparent Window Decals

    Purchasing Truck Decals Online with Zero Risk

    Wholesale Cool Helmet Stickers, Decals, and Labels

    Varieties of Custom Printed Decals, Labels, and Stickers

    There are different varieties of custom printed decals, labels, and stickers. What I have included here are some of the common and widely used ones. Read these topics and discussions about them below:

    Double-Sided Decals and Stickers

    Double Sided or 2-sided Stickers and Decals

    Options for Removable Double-Sided Decals and Stickers

    Die Cut Stickers and Decals

    Custom Die Cut Stickers/Decals Vs Rectangle and Square Shapes

    Why Quality Die Cut Stickers Are To Die For?

    Custom Printed Labels, Stickers, and Decals

    Personalized Sticker Labels – Customized Stickers Labels

    Custom Stickers in Full Color For Kids of All Ages

    Custom Reflective Stickers, Decals, and Labels

    Parking Permit Tags, Decals, and Stickers

    Parking Permits – Hang Tags Decals, Stickers, and Static Clings

    Parking Permit Hang Tags, Decals, Labels, and Stickers

    Entry Pass Control With Parking Permit Tags

    Hard Hat and Helmet Stickers and Decals

    Sports Helmet Stickers and Helmet Decals In All Colors

    Customized Printed Graphic Hard Hat Stickers

    Car Decals and Stickers

    Designing Your Autos With Stickers For Cars

    What Rear Window Decal Sticker Means to Americans

    Custom Decals for Cars Trucks, Vehicles, and Windows

    Oil Change Stickers and Custom Service Automotive Decals

    Truck Decals Add a Modern Style and Visual Graphic

    How to Wrap a Car with a Vehicle Graphics Car Wrapping

    Static Wall and Window Clings

    Using Static Cling Film to Make Window Static Cling Decals

    Why Static Window Clings Ads Are More Popular than Stickers

    What Are Wall Clings?

    Upgrading Indoor Atmosphere With Wall Clings

    Wall Lettering Stickers and Decals

    Self Adhesive Letters or Vinyl Lettering for Walls

    Interior Designing Can Be Made Easier With Wall Decals

    Ideas for Wall Stickers Applications

    Design Like a Pro With Vinyl Wall Decals

    How are Wall Decals and Stickers Made

    What You Need To Learn About Wall Decals

    Other Types of Printed Decals and Stickers

    Sticker Chrome Decals – Really Shiny Decals

    What Are Industrial-Strength Custom Stickers?

    Deciding on the Type of Vinyl Stickers to Choose

    Safety and Control Sign Color Decals


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