Vinyl Cutters, Vinyl Decals, and Substrates Index

[ad_1] by Jerry | Blades, Tips and Tricks, Vinyl Cutting, Vinyl Decals & Graphics Index, Wall Graphics Sometimes we need a place to keep our important things. You probably have a receipts drawer, tool box, or an art supplies box. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy place to store all the Sign College […]

Vinyl Express Q Series vinyl cutters

[ad_1] For more than 35 years, SIGNWarehouse and Vinyl Express have offered the sign industry the exceptional value of brand name quality at warehouse prices. We use our buying power to partner with respected manufacturers like Graphtec, MUTOH, and SAI to deliver top quality performance without the premium price. The purest expression of that winning […]

LXI Vinyl Cutter Drivers

[ad_1] Definition of plethora: Excess, superfluity; also : profusion, abundance, ginormous amount. See Lxi vinyl cutter drivers.Okay, that’s not really the textbook definition of plethora. But the enormous number of cutters supported by LXi software is a definitive plethora: a whole bunch. A mess of cutters. Just how many cutter drivers does LXI have? Why […]

A Basic Guide to Vinyl Express® LXi 12 Vinyl Cutting Software

[ad_1] LXi vinyl cutting software 12 works w/ Windows 8.1 and 10. What software features do you need? How do you decide which level to buy to keep from limiting the growth of your sign shop?  In this article,  A basic guide to Vinyl Express® LXi 12 vinyl cutting software, we give you answers. When […]

T-shirt Vinyl Tricks for Coated or Pre-Treated Fabrics

[ad_1] The pre- treatment coating on certain fabrics can cause problems when you try to heat press. Sometimes, even when you followed all the instructions, T-shirt vinyl can fall off the garment. Most people blame the t-shirt vinyl, but the problem is probably in (or rather on) the fabric itself! For most fabrics, heat transfer […]