Heat Transfer Tape for Printed T-shirt Graphics

[ad_1] In the world of vinyl graphics, vinyl and tape go together like peanut butter and jelly. Application tape (or Transfer Tape) is essential for transferring cut vinyl to substrates.  In the garment decoration field, transfer tape is less essential. For most cut graphics using “T-shirt vinyl” like HotMark 70 no tape is needed. But for […]

DarkJET: Affordable Dark Garment T-Shirt Printing

[ad_1] by Jerry | Garment Decoration ChromaBlast ink can be used to create vivid T-shirt decals on dark fabric A lot of our customers enjoy the ease and affordability of printing T-shirt transfers with the Virtuoso ChromaBlast systems from Sawgrass. While these provide wonderfully soft and durable color imprints, they do have one drawback. ChromaBlast […]